Client Company

Startup Skin Care Brand focusing on consumers that seek effective and scientifically-proven products, but are also devoted to using only safe, gentle and environmentally sustainable ingredients.


The brand has a successful initial launch of an anti-aging line of products a year ago that has garnered a loyal following of users and is continuing to experience exponential growth in new users and revenue. With a new round of funding from investors, the brand is now seeking to develop a multi-year innovation pipeline with the goal to extend their portfolio into anti-acne and sunscreen products, as well as to screen/identify formulation partner(s) and contract manufacturing sites to create and produce the new products.


Phase 1 of the project involved organizing a 2-day innovation workshop and ideation session with the key stakeholders within the brand – drawing inspirations from the latest market research data, emerging consumer trends and new developments in science and technology. The output included concepts and positioning of two new lines of 4-5 anti-acne and sunscreen products that fit well with the brand’s values, while allowing the brand to target new customer segments and new benefit areas.

Phase 2 of the project entailed helping the brand identify and screen/select potential partners (formulation laboratories and manufacturing sites) to develop and produce the new product lines, as well as provide full-turnkey R&D support to manage the project from just  “concepts” on paper all the way to “finished good” inventory that is ready to ship to customers.









Ideation & Development of Innovation Pipeline


End-to-end New Product Development/Design




Research & Development

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