AI Applied to Internal Finance/Sales Data

Client Company

High growth consulting firm.


There had been issues with predicting cash flow from invoices and the sales pipeline. To create more accurate forecasts, the CEO requested AI-driven financial planning. We developed a system that pulled directly from their NetSuite accounting system and Zoho CRM.

The AI assistant analyzes historical revenue, cost, and cash flow data to detect seasonality, trends, and correlations. It uses machine learning algorithms to build predictive models for each line item on the income statement and balance sheet.

The sales pipeline and lead scoring data from Zoho allows the AI to forecast future revenue growth. It can generate different growth scenarios based on sales team projections.


A presentation and written report detailing:

  • The competitive landscape.
  • The potential segments of customers that the company should target.
  • Recommendations on specific product/service offerings and operational adjustments that the company should implement.
  • A proposed go-to-market strategy.









Financial Process Development


CFO Advisory




AI Customization

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Sample Case Studies


Advised a Leading Bank in Enhancing its Competitive Edge by Understanding Customer Needs and Delivering Innovative Financial Solutions.


Empowered a Communication Agency to Thrive in a Dynamic Landscape and Capture the Hearts of Clients Seeking Effective Messaging and Connection.

Consumer goods

Assisted a Consumer Goods Company in Enhancing Market Position to Attract Discerning Shoppers Seeking Quality and Innovation.


Guided an Engineering Consultancy Firm in Navigating the Competitive Landscape to Attract Clients Seeking Innovative Solutions.


Guided a Fashion Tech and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Brand to Navigate the Competitive Terrain and Attract Trend-Seeking Shoppers.


Assisted a Children's Entertainment Company in Excelling within a Competitive Market to Delight Young Audiences and Families.


Guided a Software Development Firm in Navigating Market Dynamics to Attract Tech-Savvy Clients Seeking Cutting-Edge Solutions.

SaaS Software

Assisted a SaaS Software Company Specializing in the Creator Economy and Social Media Management to Stand Out in a Competitive Space and Attract Content Creators and Marketers.

Travel & Tourism

Helped a Resort Operator in Africa understand the competitive landscape and identify ways to win over customers seeking luxury expedition experiences.

AI Applied to Internal Finance/Sales Data

Transformed a high-growth consulting firm's financial forecasting using AI-driven insights, integrating with NetSuite and Zoho CRM for accurate cash flow predictions and sales pipeline forecasting.