Your enterprise, optimized today for success tomorrow.

Elite corporate advisory and business transformation for established small to lower middle market companies. 


Your enterprise – optimized today, for success tomorrow.

Maximize margins and master succession with expert management consulting.

Battle Tested Consultation Tailored for Succession Excellence

Discover top-tier exit planning, succession consulting, and advisory services tailored for family offices, private equity firms, and businesses of all sizes. REV Global’s comprehensive solutions drive revenue growth and prepare your business for a successful transition. Gain a competitive edge and unlock your business’s full potential with REV Global as your trusted partner.

A Community of Visionaries
Be part of something larger. Engage with our vibrant community, drawn from the distinguished ranks of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, where opportunities for acquisitions, investments, and career advancements flourish.
Opportunistic Capital

Explore our network to contribute to, or to access opportunistic transaction capital for private banking and credit, search funding (ETA), succession, and other alternative investments. Learn more about REV’s HIPE initiative supporting athletes’ transition from the field into entrepreneurship, and how you can get involved in this legacy building opportunity.

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