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Experience accelerated growth with our focus on faster turnaround times, maximizing your investment gains in minimal time.

Balanced Risk

Enjoy the benefits of better returns while navigating controlled risks, ensuring your investment portfolio remains resilient and profitable.

exclusive access

Tap into our extensive network to discover exceptional investment opportunities, handpicked to deliver excellent returns.


Rigorous Due diligence

Benefit from our meticulous scrutiny of investment prospects, guaranteeing that every opportunity meets our stringent criteria for success.


Embrace an opportunistic mix of investments, ranging from emerging sectors to established industries, ensuring a well-rounded portfolio that captures growth across various markets.

Exceptional talent

Invest in battle-tested individuals hailing from top-tier universities worldwide, supporting visionary entrepreneurs poised to drive innovation and success.

Why REv Capital?

In navigating the new landscape of wealth transfer and succession planning, REV Capital stands as your trusted partner in exploring alternative methods of investing. We understand the evolving financial landscape, and we offer a strategic approach that prioritizes shorter horizons and quicker returns, ensuring successful wealth transition and succession for generations to come.

Our expertise in balancing risk and return empowers you to navigate uncertainties with confidence, while our extensive network enables access to exclusive deals tailored to your unique needs.

Through meticulous due diligence, we identify opportunities that align with your long-term goals, whether you’re seeking to diversify your portfolio or explore innovative investment avenues. At REV Capital, we’re not just redefining investment ventures; we’re shaping the future of wealth management, one strategic investment at a time.

Our Advantage.

Our advantage lies in our expansive network and impactful social initiatives, acting as a gateway to capital and opportunities. This positions us to make a substantial societal impact, leaving a legacy that rivals any academic institution. With a global community of respected executives and industry experts, along with REV Advisers and Consultants, we deploy a proven framework for growth and success, leveraging our society of Leaders and the Best to drive innovation and prosperity in our target investment industries.

Our Mission.

REV Capital’s mission extends beyond traditional investment ventures, focusing on harnessing our extensive network of Michigan alumni. By leveraging the expertise of the world’s top leaders, we aim to drive positive change and create a brighter future for all. Through strategic investments and collaborative initiatives, we empower alumni to make meaningful impacts on global innovation and sustainability.

Our Companies

REV does an excellent job bringing together EMBAs and fostering an entrepreneurial and investor community. When I considered founding a company, REV gave me a trusted space to work shop the idea, practice my pitch and lead to an early investment. Perhaps most importantly, I’m grateful REV provides us (EMBAs) a way to strengthen bonds, well after our program ends and across cohorts. Go Blue!

Peter Pacult | Co-Founder & CEO, Avana Health

REV was a game-changer for us. Without their support and funding, launching Ujobi would have been much more challenging. Their team was incredibly helpful in guiding us through the funding process, and their platform connected us with the right investors to take our company to the next level. With REV’s support, we were able to raise significant capital, which helped us launch our platform and reach new audiences. I can confidently say that without REV, Ujobi wouldn’t be where it is today.

Charlie Mabaquiao | CEO, Ujobi/Good Work

The REV community has been extremely engaging and beneficial. They helped refine my business, while the networking immensely facilitated the creation and investment of my business. As always, REV continues to support and impact it’s alum post graduation.

Luke Silverman | Founder, Bark Social

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