REV Global and Hail Impact accelerates Name, Image, and Likeness for U of M Student Athletes with the REV HIPE initiative

REV HIPE unlocks the full potential of entrepreneurial U of M student athletes by offering capital, education and executive advice to positively impact the outcome they need to build their legacy off of the field.

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Hail impact programs

Hail! Impact is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering University of Michigan student-athletes by engaging them in impactful community service opportunities with local nonprofits. The organization hosts quarterly programs that entail specific service and educational prerequisites for student-athletes to earn a meaningful stipend. Athletes must successfully fulfill these quarterly requirements to be eligible for consideration in the REV HIPE program.


The REV HIPE innovation maximizes NIL endorsement dollars by leveraging programming and education, teaching athletes the most efficient way to structure endorsement deals so that earnings can be preserved and reallocated as venture capital for future entrepreneurial endeavors. Alternatively, HIPE structure gives investors the opportunity to deepen and expand their future partnership and social impact with athletes and alumni.

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Investment Opportunities: Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, Private Equity and M&A

REV HIPE offers all student athletes that complete HIPE programming with access to funds to either search for an established business to buy, or to build a new business idea, accelerating their entrepreneurial journey. 

As an investor, you now have the exciting opportunity to invest in the future success of U of M athletes.

Ongoing Executive Advisory Support for Our Entrepreneurs

REV is committed to providing ongoing support to our entrepreneurs through mentorship, resources, and guidance, ensuring they have access to a robust network of executives with a spirited interest in accelerating their path towards success.

Exclusive Networking Events and Workshops

Establish lifelong relationships with U of M alum and experts,investors, and entrepreneurs through exclusive REV networking events, workshops, and conferences designed to inform, inspire, and foster collaboration within our community.

“As a former collegiate and professional athlete, I have lived the transition into the real world first hand,” said Drew Henson, former MLB third basemen, NFL quarterback, and University of Michigan student-athlete. “The skills I honed on the field very easily could be leveraged in the boardroom, but there was no clear path to building the proverbial ladder or climbing it. REV HIPE is enabling athletes with access—to capital, advice and a network—an indispensable resource in the business world.”

Drew Henson, former MLB third basemen, NFL quarterback, and University of Michigan student-athlete.

At Michigan, we don’t just build athletes; we build leaders. The REV HIPE Program is a testament to our commitment to transforming athletic excellence into business success.” – Dr. Marcus Collins, University of Michigan Ross Marketing Professor, Best-Selling Author.

Dr. Marcus Collins, University of Michigan Ross Marketing Professor, Best-Selling Author

Hail! Impact is dedicated to ‘NIL for Life,’ focusing on community engagement and education to help student-athletes build and enhance their personal brands.  We’ve been actively involved with various Michigan programs, and in just seven months, have launched initiatives with five teams to directly benefit six charitable organizations. Going forward, the REV HIPE program will be integral to our strategy, offering an additional incentive for student-athletes to serve their community while providing a groundbreaking opportunity for graduating and former student-athletes to explore entrepreneurship, supported by top-tier mentorship. This is what we proudly refer to as the Michigan Difference.

Chin Weerappuli, Co-Founder & President, Hail! Impact

Hail! Impact is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that empowers student-
athletes at the University of Michigan with charitable engagements to amplify local nonprofits
through dedicated service and educational tools to enhance their opportunities to monetize
their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL). 
Participating student-athletes earn a meaningful stipend by
rolling up their sleeves and investing in their community and themselves.
 Hail! Impact currently has active programs with University of Michigan Student-Athletes from Football, Hockey, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Gymnastics, and Softball. 

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