Ross Nordin

Chief Financial Officer

Ross possesses over 20 years of experience in engineering and finance leadership roles across various industries. He has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in
financial engineering, consistently showcasing his ability to improve internal processes and create predictive tools for the executive team.

professional experience

A strong background in leading innovation, new product development, R&D, brand strategy and portfolio management.

Unlocking success through financial engineering. Dedicated to improving your bottom line. I combine 20 years of engineering, finance and project management to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. Historically I’ve held executive roles with startups, large public companies and non-profits.


Automotive engineering has equipped me with a mindset of ‘whatever it takes’ to fix process bottlenecks.
In finance we fix processes so cash is conserved and we get
maximum return to the stakeholders.

Seeing your future

Unlocking the potential of your business requires harnessing the power of data. I will create a dynamic company health dashboard that will serve as your strategic command center, providing you with invaluable insights to effectively steer your business towards success. Prepare to envision your future like never before.

Project Management

Have delivered time critical high value fintech implementations for a bank. Applied PMP® leadership techniques and tools like Agile/Scrum to keep large teams delivering to milestones.


Whether it is the business valuation or how much to charge for viewing time on the world’s largest telescope I have led a variety of projects that required a deep dive to extract the asset value.

Zones of Expertise

Strategic Finance
Project Management PMP®
Earned Value Management
Deep Analytics
Predictive Forecasting

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