I am a 2x exited entrepreneur, founder, and technical expert solving strategic problems related to founder governance, sales automation, treasury systems, product, and technical product market fit. I tend to be a tremendous resource to fintech founders, CEOs, CTOs,  CMOs , & other strategic resources.

Professional experience

A wide variety of skills derived from operating  experience across an array of technical projects

Beginning my career as a software engineer, I have always led as a Chief Technologist in every business I have been a part of.

In my time as a founder, entrepreneur, and operator, I have enjoyed the experience of building businesses and launching products from scratch. I love the challenge of discovering cumbersome challenges, building products that are a delight to use by incorporating well designed user experiences, sound technology, and scaled with a well developed product market fit strategy.


Technical Strategy

Architecting decisions can have major implications. I’m a big believer in Event Modeling for designing, functional programming in clojure for building, and hardened infrastructure tools for apps that are secure, maintainable, and scalable.

Remote Engineering team development

Team development decisions can make or break your project. I’m a big believer in building a “remote first” culture. It opens the talent pool, reduces cost, and can be very rewarding for all. However, it can be very frustrating when improperly managed.

sales and marketing automation

There isn’t anything more exciting than achieving product market fit, yet many operators never fully scale to their potential without a strong automation plan. I find the technical side of funnel engineering exciting, and I love seeing a team’s excitement rally around growth velocity.

VC Tech wind downs, & Tech Asset salvage

In most cases a new venture will fail, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t contain value. Often times VC operators (GPs) will commission me and my team to evaluate the tech, value the tech, and secure a new owner through a salvage asset sale; often through bankruptcy.

founder coaching & Governance

As founder I know how important it is to stay ahead of corporate governance. As founders architect their products, build their teams, they often overlook the compliance and governance that outlines who gets what, and how that changes based on what happens in the company. 

Preferred Tooling

Engineering & Architecting

Clojure (reframe/reagent), Kafka, nomad, AWS, Terraform, confluent, expo, Docker, kubernetes, event modelling, figma, & Vault.

Remote Engineering

ActiveCollab, Hubstaff, Upwork, Fivver, & Deel

Sales & Marketing Automation

Hubspot, Apollo, Intercom, Instagram, facebook, youtube, Linkedin, & Tiktok, 

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