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Featured: Episode 4 || Trusts, Estates, Entities, SPVs, why we need them

by Tom Sullivan | Episode 3

About Wealth Wednesdays

As part of REV’s manifesto, our group wanted to lean into the strategies that the financial elite use to mitigate the effects of wealth destruction. By understanding whats left of our maximum earning potential, we’ve been able to see the compounded effects of unmitigated taxation, interest, and inflation as it relates to our long term wealth. Together we’ll discover sophisticated strategies and develop our situational playbook to operate like a family office and preserve wealth for generations to come. 

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Maximum Potential

Our host Alecia Dillion, and REV’s special guest Dave Greenlee demonstrate the maximum potential analysis to show the audience how much they’ll earn for the rest of their earning years, and the effects of unmitigated tax planning, the use of inefficient dollars, and inflation.

By Alecia Dillon | Episode 3  |  38min

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Meet The Hosts

Alecia Dillon

Alecia Dillon

Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan

Raphael Bennett

Raphael Bennett

Lynn Fernando

Lynn Fernando

Our hosts are all Ross trained Executive MBAs with at least 15 years of real world experience. That being said, we’ve seen some stuff. 

Our life experiences and education position us to take a more in depth look into these wealth strategies and products as we’re capable of modeling the outcome. Most folks just take their financial advisors word for it. Not here. 


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